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About Us

The Divine Rehoboth Empowerment Foundation is a God-given innovation which was birthed from the passion for the lost souls and thirst to reach out to the dying world.

God gave us the vision to raise eaglets to become eagles, to let the dying world know that there is fullness of life in God through Christ Jesus.


We believe every child irrespective of gender, tribes, environment or financial status should be given basic rights which include the right to a good education. We are determined to break the barriers of ignorance by bringing quality education to the doorstep of the less privileged.

This is a God-given mandate though highly demanding, especially in terms of finance but must be achieved by the grace of God and financial supports of our partners.

The foundation has in operation the primary, junior secondary and senior secondary schools and has the plan to commence a vocational institute.



The Rehoboth Foundation, as a measure to reduce the unemployment rate and combat the high level of poverty, has designed entrepreneurial programs channelled to empower youths to access increased opportunities and social service delivery.

This component involves developing skills in core areas of life skills, vocational / sector-specific and entrepreneurship skills as support and monitoring.


This aspect of the foundation is divided into two parts:

Acquisition of land for agriculture purposes.

Acquisition of land for self-help housing development.

The foundation has acquired some acres of land within its operational area to assist the less privilege in getting easy access to the land for agricultural and self-help housing development.

Land for agricultural purposes; this is arranged within the settlement of operation to plant various crops that will generate income to their family and to empower them financially

Land for housing development; this is a self-help housing development initiative of the foundation with the aim of empowering the people through a collective effort that will help them to build their own house. It is an initiative that encourages people to build conducive dwelling units for them from their little earning through communal help.

Our Vision

To support the less privileged through innovation and assistance that will empower them to develop their entrepreneurship skills and potentials.

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We need support from donors, philanthropists, NGO’s, Companies, Churches’ and also individuals who are like-minded people and who can run with this vision. 

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Meet Our Founder

Pastor Mrs Mojisola Adeyemi was born in Ogbomosho South Local Government, Oyo State Nigeria. At her young age, she was relocated to Ile-Ife town now in Osun state which was formally part of Oyo State. I used to hawk used big bottles and thereafter go to school by 10:00 am. But I was not allowed to go again when my uncle Alagbe came for holiday in Ile-Ife and I followed him back home in Ogbomosho.

When I returned to Ogbomosho, my father sent me back to school at age 14 in 1968. I went to the Divisional Teachers Training College, Ikirun, Oyo State then, now Osun State. I was a school teacher with the Oyo state government.

Mojisola is a member of Word Communications Ministries (WOCOM) and also attended IIMM (International Institute of Ministry and Missions) Head Quarter 1, Faith drive, Onireke, Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria.

She loves “Let’s go a fishing” program and counselling. To the glory of God, Mrs Mojisola Adeyemi and Her lovely husband Mr. Adetunji Adeyemi are blessed with five wonderful children.

Mrs Mojisola  Adeyemi is the Founder of Divine Rehoboth Empowerment foundation at 3, Dominion City, Godogbo road Ijaiye – Ojutaiye, Afijio Local Government Oyo State Nigeria.

We got to know the village through evangelism. The chief and the speaker of the village informed us that they needed a good education for their children. And we started with prayers, vigil and crusade and later we started with a lesson for the children in the community after identifying that there is no school in the community.

The children are from different villages surrounding the school. We gathered them to know how to read and write on their own, our main objectives are to let “chicks become eagles” and from nothing to greatness in life.

Instead of wandering in the village. 

We want them to be stronger and self-sufficient for a better future. The plan we have for them is not to stop at secondary school, but to proceed to higher education, colleges and university.

Those that are not academically sound will have entrepreneurship training in different areas such as; Mechanized farming, integrated farming, carpentry, tailoring, barbing, shoemaking, bead making, arts, catering services, e.t.c.

We are going to empower them and monitor them from start to finish. 

Finally, we need support from donors, philanthropists, NGO’s, Companies, Churches’ and also individuals who are like-minded people and who can run with this vision. To assist the children with substances to upgrade our classrooms, need for a school-bus, paying teachers’ salary, bore-holes for school to provide hygienic potable water for students, Voluntary teachers, textbooks, stationaries and lots more.

There is nothing small or big, we will appreciate your supports and utilize it very well.

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You can get in touch with us through the following channels.

3, Dominion City, Godogbo road, Ijaye Ojutaye, Jobele, Oyo State

Call Us: 08056166904, 07062808665

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